Definition: To be kind or generous

Example: Despite the fact that Bella frowns her way through life, she actually has a heart of gold.


Having a heart of gold has been with us for quite some time. It appears in William Shakespeare’s play Henry V, written about 1599. The simple explanation is that gold was, and still is, thought of as both pure and precious. These are characteristics you can apply to somebody’s personality, and thus, their heart.

Iddy doesn’t have a gold one himself. I don’t know who he stole that one from. His own is probably made of the blackest carbon. Don’t let that smile fool you!


Definition: To be in a comfortable place, especially in a financial sense

Example: Mr. Morgan was sitting pretty after finding pirate treasure while digging in his garden.


‘Sitting pretty’ is almost exclusively used in the US, and is relatively new, not surfacing until the twentieth century. There are no specific theories flying about concerning where it came from. It probably is simply the marriage of two positive words. Sitting is a comfortable position and pretty is generally considered to be a good thing. That’s it.

Iddy doesn’t look very comfortable though, does he? Relax Iddy. You look good in a floral print.