About Idiomic, the world of idioms, and how to use us

all about idiomic

Idiomic? Never heard that word before….

Don’t look ‘idiomic’ up in the dictionary. It won’t be there. Iddy just made it up. It’s part idiom, part comic, and besides, idiomatic.com was already spoken for.

Idiomic hopes to explore the world of idioms with a bit of humour, a bit of colour, and a bit of useless information.

In each post, our host, Iddy, will try his best to understand each idiom, illustrated in lavish technicolor. Below his attempts we will explore the phrase with a definition, an example, and finally, an attempt to find its origin.

Iddy’s not a linguist, so he’s approaching this on a purely amateur level. He invites you to correct any errors he’s made or theories you may have heard.

He’s also happy to take suggestions of idioms to explore, so please, drop him a line. After all, it’s lonely being a big green ball.

How to use our site

There are four possible routes for you to explore….

  1. On the homepage there is a selection of Iddy’s idioms. Select one to explore further…
  2. Check out Iddy’s blog for a different selection…
  3. Use the search link in the top menu to look for a specific idiom…
  4. Feeling adventurous? Hit the random post link in the top menu. Who knows what you’ll get!